Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Obamacare Wars: Epilogue

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July 30, 2213. 10 AM Northern Time. BGBC Holovision Studio. New Freedom, Ellesmere Island.

“Sven and Karl here. This has been a magnificent voyage of discovery. These tapes have given us a glimpse into a period of the past that has long been shrouded in mystery. But it raises a lot of questions. Why was it that these Republicans were so intent on bringing down the country over the issue of Universal Health Care? And why, when there were so many other greater threats to economic stability and even the survival of the planet, was Health Care the issue that led so many people into apparent madness?”

“Yes Sven. From our perspective it seems obvious that they should have been dealing with Global Warming, the population explosion, rising sea levels, species loss and transitioning away from fossil fuels which were being ever more rapidly depleted. The global resource wars of the following decades finally brought much of that into some perspective, but by then it was simply too late. Because of the extreme heat and erratic and dangerous weather patterns, most of what was the temperate climate zones are now virtually uninhabitable.

Sven added, “there are many small pockets of primitive society throughout the world, whether in higher altitudes or protected valleys, but these pitiful bands are struggling mightily just to survive in very harsh environments. Clean water is hard to come by. The ground is either contaminated or simply devoid of minerals; a desert. Farming is basically impossible. Most large animals are extinct and plants, particularly edible plants, are increasingly hard to find, based on the limited research we have been able to do. Around the world, these communities number perhaps in the tens of thousands total.

“Here in the United Arctic Communities we number about 10 million and we’ve been in sporadic contact with the Republic of Antarctica, which has about 5-10 million inhabitants. We live pretty well, all things considered, but we were astounded by the opulence and waste that we witnessed on these recordings.”

“Sven, I think we would both like to say that Universal Health Care is very important. Here in the United Arctic Communities, everyone has access to the best health care that is available, including acupuncture, faith healing, and shamans. Though we are not rich in material goods, compared with some of our ancestors, we help each other out. We care for each other. We enjoy life, play music, dance and sing. We gaze at the stars in the winter and enjoy the nearly 24-7-180 hour sunlight in the summer.”

“Karl, don’t forget. Our researchers also uncovered a huge archive of music, literature and art along with these Presidential records. So we will have even more opportunity to get to know our distant relatives the Barackistanis. This is Sven Oberkilter signing off for the Sven and Karl Show. And to add our newest favorite saying, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try some time, you might get what you need.”

“Keep on Rockin in the Free World, Sven my dear friend.”

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